Selling real estate shouldn’t be a solo pursuit.

It takes a diverse team to prepare and sell a property – from photographers to stylists and from agents to assistants.

While we often go head-to-head to compete for listings, sometimes real estate agents working under different brands will also collaborate on a sale or co-list a property. Jason Boon from Richardson & Wrench Potts Point is an agent I regularly work with. He also happens to be a dear friend.

There are many reasons a vendor may choose to co-list with two agents under different real estate brands. Sometimes it’s because they think they’d both do a good job, and bring different qualities to the sale. Other times they want to combine the strengths of both agents to target different buyer demographics or increase exposure and competition for their property.

It’s true that real estate revolves around relationships, and my relationship with Jason Boon is one I really value on a personal and professional level. In an industry with a reputation for being individualistic, Jason stands out for his honesty and is supportive, loyal and generous in every sense. These qualities translate into his business, and I wouldn’t be doing the right thing by my clients if I didn’t get him involved in some of my sales.

Co-listings we’ve worked together on this year include 1401/81 Macleay Street, Potts Point, which sold for $8.8 million, and 2/51 Darling Point Road, Darling Point, which sold for $3.825 million.

We recently sat down for a chat about how we work together to benefit our clients.

Jason, thanks for letting me introduce you to my clients. One of the things I love about working with you is that I can trust you. You’re not only a real estate expert when it comes to Potts Point and the Eastern Suburbs, you’re also creative and generous in your ideas.

Thanks, Daph. It seems like only yesterday we sold that first property together but I think it was actually well over 20 years ago. I like to be creative in my negotiating but direct. I think our speciality in different areas – me in Potts Point, and you in Darling Point – means we’re a good team. But there are also no games between us. We’re different characters but we gel together when we sell. We both feel strongly about doing the right thing because we’re entrenched and accountable to the areas we sell in. And we both want the best outcome for the owner, rather than just a fast sale by any method. We work for the best result.

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It’s very valuable to me and our vendors that you bring a different demographic of buyers into Darling Point, through your contacts. I have to say that I enjoy working with you because you also make it fun. As a mad keen surfer, you’re out there in the waves early in the morning and while you take your work seriously, you also bring authenticity to it. When we work together, I also find that your masculinity is a nice contrast to my softer approach. But as a female in a cutthroat industry, you’ve also been a great sounding board and mentor, which I’ve really appreciated.

Working in real estate for more than 20 years I’ve seen a lot of people try to bully women. In fact, bullying is pretty rampant within the real estate industry generally, because of the intense competition. But there are other ways to work with or compete against your colleagues. It’s one thing to show strength but you have to be compassionate. You need to have your own values and take them to real estate. You need to bring good behaviour to business and not be swayed by the culture around real estate.

I love the fact that your vendors trust you and listen to you. I often hear you say “you’re not going to like it but I’m going to have to tell you the truth!” But you always give people the truth with love and compassion.

The reality is that telling the truth can actually lose you a lot of business but it also means you end up getting the right kind of business. It has to tie in with who you are. We all make mistakes along the way but, for the most part, you have to stick to what is right for you. I think we share these values, which means we complement each other when we work together. Daphne, you bring a lot of enthusiasm, and you work hard to ensure the client is happy – regardless of whether the property is sold or not. For both of us, the client comes first above everything else, but I really respect the way you get to know them and the things you do for them. You invest a lot of time and often they become much more than clients.

Thanks, Jason. Looking forward to many more co-listings with you in the future.

Jason Boon and Daphne Sauvage

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